Create Dramatic Eyes with Smokey Eye Makeup

April 13th, 2012

Smokey Eye Make Up

The newest look in eye makeup is the smokey eye look, even though it’s not necessarily a new look. The allure of this classic look transforms any woman’s eyes from daytime office to nighttime sophistication.  You don’t have to be a runway model to have dramatically enticing eyes; you simply need to learn how to apply the smokey eye makeup correctly. Hopefully, the information included here will help you get the sexy, irritable eyes that make every head turn.

Tools of the Trade

An artist can’t a create a beautiful work of art without the right paint and brushes and the same goes for creating beautiful eyes, you have to use the right tools. The following are the basic necessities needed for making smokey eyes; however, keep in mind this does not include your base or foundation, moisturizer and other basics, this is strictly a list of tools needed to make smokey eyes.

Eye Pencil: Black eye pencil or even kohl if you prefer. However, don’t use liquid eyeliner for smokey eyes as it is for much cleaner, crisper lines, not the sultry, smokey look.

Two or three colors of powder eyeshadow: base, contour and highlight in your choice of colors. The base color should be slightly darker than your skin tone, non-metallic but rich and shimmery at the same time. The contour color should be a matte, dark color that is only slightly shimmery and the highlight color should be slightly shimmering or even simply use face powders. The highlight is to enlarge the eyes. You can find smokey eye shadow collections that have three coordinating colors in the beauty section of your favorite store.

Brushes or Sponges: You can use whichever one you prefer, some women like the soft application of the brush while others prefer the deeper application of a sponge.

Mascara: Your mascara should be rich, deep black that lengthens your eyes. There are mascaras on the market today that are designed to create dramatically longer lashes which aid in the smokey eye effect.

Applying the Eye Makeup

The first thing that you should have done before starting your eyes is to moisture, apply your foundation and any other daily products you use such as concealer. Make sure you have powdered your face to get rid of the shine. You should also consider using an eye shadow primer to make your eye makeup stay on longer. Once you have your normal routine completed, you are ready to start.

1. Eyeliner: Use your black or kohl eyeliner pencil to outline your entire eye. You should have a thicker line on the upper eyelid than you do the lower lid.

2. Base Color: Using your small sponge applicator or eyeshadow brush, apply the base color to your eyelid, across the entire part of the eyelid that moves. This area feels like your eyeball. Carry this base color slightly above the crease to about the halfway mark between the base of the eye and your eyebrow.

3. Contour Color: You will need to use a smaller brush or a pointed sponge to apply the contour color. First, use the pointy sponge or applicator to put the contour color all the way around the eyes, following the eyeliner that you applied earlier. If you use eyeshadow brushes, a cotton swab works well for this part.

Create Dramatic Eyes with Smokey Eye Makeup

Slightly close your eye and use your applicator to put the contour color in the crease of the eye.

Define the shape of your eyes using your applicator to apply the contour color to the outer corner of the eye. You should aim for creating a ‘v’ shape with the contour color. Don’t worry about the appearance at this time; you will blend it all together in the next step.

4. Blend: You now need to blend the colors to get a smooth look that doesn’t have extremely unique distinctions. Using slightly larger round applicator or brush blend in the colors on the eyelid, keep in mind that you aren’t trying to create one color, simply soften the demarcation. Next, blend the colors on the bottom eyelid and the corner of the eye.

5.  Contour: This is the application that makes the eyes appear larger and really stand out. If you don’t want to use a contour color, face powder will work as well. Using your applicator, apply the contour color or powder to the area just beneath your eyebrow. Smooth this color down as you apply it and watch your eyes appear to become smokier as this light color draws attention to the darker colors and accents them.

6.  Mascara: Apply your black mascara as you normally would; however, apply an extra coat and sweep the brush toward your outer eye. This adds to the dramatic smokey effect.

You should now have beautiful, smokey eyes with rich color radiance that gradates across the eyes and is darker toward the outer corner. You can create this look using a variety of color trios but you should stay in the darker color family for the best results.

Bring Out Those Baby Blues with Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

March 21st, 2012

Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

Blue eyes have always been considered assets. You constantly hear people referring to ‘baby blues’ when talking about blue eyes. Many people even go so far as to get blue contacts so they can have blue eyes. This brings up the question about how to accentuate your eyes with eye makeup that doesn’t clash or look funny. Hopefully, the information here will help you make your baby blues sparkle just a little more than they do already.

Opposites Attract

Typically, if you choose a color that is the opposite of the color you are trying to accentuate you can’t go wrong. You are probably wondering at this point how a color has an opposite. It’s simple really. The color wheel is a visual color chart of all the colors and shows how they are related.

In the case of colors, opposites really do attract and so using eyeshadow colors that are opposite on the color wheel to blue will help bring out the sparkle and shine. The best colors for blue eyes, according to the law of opposites, are brown, rust, chocolate, orange and other autumn colors. These make the blue in your eyes simply stunning.

This same principal applies when deciding which colors to avoid. You do not want to cover your blue eyes with blue eyeshadow. This is a fashion faux pas that not only goes against standards but looks horrible. You will do nothing more than hide those brilliant blue eyes and look like you have been in a fight with a paint brush. Imagine wearing a green dress in a green room, you wouldn’t stand out, in fact, you would get lost in the background.

Be Bold

Bring Out Those Baby Blues with Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

Makeup goes through different trends and right now that trend is to be bold. You can apply dark, rich colors to your eyes for stunning effects. Dark, rich chocolates with shimmering highlights for the brow bone area are ideal for blue eyes and create eyes that you can’t help but notice.

If you don’t want to be that bold and daring during the daytime hours, plums and purples can be used just as creatively to make your blue eyes pop without being overpowering like nighttime wear can be. You should use less eye makeup during the daytime hours and then amp it up after work before you hit the town.

Eye Color is Key

Another thing to help you choose the correct eyeshadow for your eyes is your eye color. There are many shades of blue, some are darker than others and some have more sparkle than others. You should try to base your selection on the advice below if you want to make your eyes have that come hither and look at me appeal.

Light Blue

This applies not only to light blue eyes but also to blue/green or bluish grey eyes and also to crystal blue eyes. Some of the colors that look best with these shades of blue include:

  • Peach, creamy browns, pastels – particularly in the cream form and coupled with brown mascara and eyeliner.
  • Mint green and turquoise look beautiful on greenish/blue eyes; add dark black mascara with dark green eyeliner to make your eyes really stand out.
  • Crystal blue eyes look amazing with turquoise and teal colors but avoid blue blues. If you want to really make your eyes stand out add lash extensions or use really good lengthening mascara. Crystal blue eyes benefit from really long eyelashes.

Medium Blue Eyes

Medium blue eyes can be identified easily, they aren’t very dark and yet they aren’t piercing like light blue eyes. This color eye can hold many more colors than other blue eye shades.One of the most effective color schemes is the smokey eye, described below.

The smokey eye effect – this is created using a trio of earthy colors, with one being a highlight color. Golds, coppers and browns look great in this combination. The eye is finished off with deep black mascara and eyeliner. The smokey eye look is very popular right now and can be toned down for day wear and deepened for evening wear.

Dark Blue Eyes

Dark blue eyes are seductive and depending on what color clothes and eye makeup is being worn can look purplish or even almost brownish. This color of blue lends itself well to the purple family and also to eyeshadow that is highly pigmented. Color combinations using light pink for the highlight with purple for the base and dark pink for contrast can really bring dark blue eyes out and make them shine. Using dark green eyeliner also helps to make the eyes stand out.

Blue eyes are an amazing palette for some beautiful eye makeup and makeup techniques, such as the smokey eye. Makeup artists who see a blue eyed model know they have a wide range of choices in colors. You can make your own blue eyes stand out using the color advice here and be on your way to turning heads.

Choosing the Best Eye Makeup Remover

March 20th, 2012

Best Eye Makeup Remover

Makeup can accentuate your appearance and give you more self confidence when out in public. Learning to apply it is fun and can take time; however, what many people neglect to learn is how to take it off. If you don’t remove your makeup every day, your pores can get clogged and you can have skin irritations and breakouts. On the other hand, eye makeup can be the most difficult to remove and leave you irritated with raccoon eyes from not being able to remove it completely. So, what do you do? Simple, read on to find out some of the best methods of removing eye makeup and then make sure you remove it every day.

Protecting the Eyes

Before deciding on a product to use to clean your eyes, you need to understand that the eyes and the skin surrounding the eyes is very sensitive. If you get cleansers and other liquids in your eyes they can become irritated and red. Many makeup removers have oil in them which can linger on the skin after cleaning your eyes. While this can be good if you have dry skin, it can be detrimental to your eyes if it gets in them.

This doesn’t mean you can’t use products with oil in them; you simply have to make sure that you wash your face very well afterwards to remove the oily residue, particularly around the eye area.

Waterproof Mascara

If you are like many women and choose to wear waterproof mascara so that you don’t have to worry about your mascara running then you know the challenges associated with removing it. Since it is waterproof, you aren’t going to use soap and water to take it off. An oil based product is best for removing this type of eyeliner. However, many people have sensitive skin or eyes and can’t use the products that have oil in them, and so they have to find a way around this problem.

There are many products on the market that will take waterproof mascara off without being harsh to the skin. Some of these are in cream form, some are in individual disposable wipe form and others are in soap form. If you know that you don’t want to use oil on your eyes you should choose one of these products.

Commercial Products

There are a lot of products on the market to help remove eye makeup. These range in price from a few dollars to upwards of twenty dollars a bottle. Some of the larger retail chains have generic wipes that are excellent cleansers for eye makeup. Shop around until you find what is right for you or simply use a home product as described below.

Home Products

Choosing the Best Eye Makeup Remover

There are several common beauty products that can be used to remove eye makeup; however, these do contain oil and so you have to wash your face thoroughly after using them. The number one eye makeup remover that you can use without paying an exuberant price tag is baby oil. The oil cuts through the mascara and removes it easily. You should be extra careful not to get baby oil in your eyes. Use a cotton ball and don’t over saturate it. Once you have removed your makeup, follow with a facial cleanser to remove the excess oil and then your normal moisturizer.

Vaseline will work in the same way that baby oil does only it is much thicker. This helps keep it from running in your eyes when you apply it but it still has to be washed off with soap and water.

Olive oil is another common household item that can be used to remove eye makeup and it doesn’t sting the eyes. You can create a mixture of rose water (available at your local health food store) and olive oil and use it as an eye makeup remover. Adding rose water to the olive oil helps take the heaviness out of the olive oil and leaves your eyelashes clean and ready for the next makeup session.
These are just a few of the inexpensive ways you can remove your eye makeup and help keep your skin clean and blemish free.

Easy Steps to Removing Eye Makeup

The steps outlined here use olive oil, a common kitchen item that is all natural and will not harm the skin.

  • Soak a cotton ball or cotton makeup pad in olive oil.
  • Lightly wet the eyelids with warm water.
  • Place the cotton balls on the eyelids and allow them to rest for several minutes.
  • Remove the cotton balls and wash the eyes with warm water and a soft cloth.
  • If residue from the mascara remains, repeat the process and the next time you remove your mascara, allow the cotton balls to rest on the eyelids longer.

Regardless of what type of product you decide is the best eye makeup remover for you, the important factor is to make sure you remove your makeup every night so that your skin stays healthy and vibrant.